The Mumbai Diaries — p1

Flying into India

Oh boy. As a Canadian citizen traveling to India with a COVID pandemic (or Corona, as it’s called here) going around, Indian e-visas are banned. However, Indian visas are not banned. Yes, e-visas and visas are different. I had to apply for the visa online, print off a copy, book an embassy appointment, physically hand in the application, get rejected, fix the errors they told me about in another online application, print off a copy, wait in a “walk-in” line for 6 hours, physically hand in the application, get rejected … You get the drift.

  1. Indians are good at organizing and raising hell.

Adjusting to India and the Story so far

The indian air smothers your entire body and even at 6am, the city is loud with trucks and horns and hawkers and unmuffled bikes. The monsoon brings out many smells. Road oils, petrol, general vegetation, and rarely: suspicious rotting ones. It’s a bit of a running joke that my nose picks out the darnedest smells, so I doubt the smell issue will bother the average person.



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